Doge cryptocurrency. How much is a DogeCoin worth?

Doge Cryptocurrency

DogeCoin is a virtual currency, also known as cryptocurrency.There are many more transactions with DogeCoins in January 2014 than with Bitcoins.In itself that is not so strange because the BitCoin is then for many already priceless.Nevertheless, the DogeCoin initially made a remarkably fast run.After the release date on 8 December 2013, the virtual currency had already increased 18 times in value over a month later.After that, the increase in value has weakened for a few years.In 2017, however, the Doge will start to increase in value again.At the end of 2014, the Doge is not worth much more. In May 2015, a Dogecoin is worth only $ 0.000161. Only in 2017 will the currency again experience a remarkable increase in value. Does investing in Doge make sense, and how do you know what the current value is?

Doge Cryptocurrency

Origin of cryptocurrency DogeCoin

The DogeCoin started as a joke in response to the success of BitCoin and LiteCoin. The electronic payment method is based on the meme Doge, the Japanese dog Shiba of the most loyal dog breed Inu. DogeCoin was officially launched on 6 September 2013. Despite the fact that it started as a joke, the coin quickly became popular for a while among people familiar with the meme.There is therefore about 8 million euros in DogeCoin in circulation.


What is the value of DogeCoin?

DogeCoin started with a value of about 0.0001 $ and had made itself about 18 times stronger in a month. It looked good, but unfortunately the increase did not continue. Doge became less and less valuable and was certainly not a good idea as an investment. The creators of DogeCoin wanted a Doge to be a give away gadget, and not a means of payment. They also did not want the Doge to increase in value. With this they kept the Doge literally small and made it less interesting for investment. In the first instance there was therefore more trade in DogeCoin, as a result of which the value rose rapidly, but a brake was put on that.Subsequently, the Doge only dropped or decreased in value for a few years. The Doge became worthless, but although the chance is small, there is still a chance that the value will rise again.

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2017 increase in value of the Doge

In 2017, Doge will rise again. We see this a lot with cryptocurrency, rises, and then fall again, and then again stable for a while. It is unpredictable what Doge will do next. You can put money in it and lose it, or you can put money in it and make some profit. As long as the Doge is cheap, you can keep the loss small.

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How can you get to DogeCoin?

People ‘mines’ the Doge and they earn the virtual currency in the same way as BitCoin is collected. Dealers also sell Doge via eBay or exchange them via other forums.



To receive and store Doge, you need a digital wallet. You will also lose some time in 2017 when installing the Wallet. Because online Wallets have not proved to be secure, there are also offline Wallets on the market. These can be compared to an extra secure USB stick, but especially designed for cryptocurrency. These may be a lot safer than the online Wallet.


Lost Wallet password

To lose the login and password of a Wallet means that you have lost everything. Unfortunately, the Wallets are made so that you can not retrieve your password again. Even if you still have your password, it often happens that people suddenly can not log in anymore. What is the reason then seems unclear. So if you are going to work with DogeCoin or other coins like the well-known BitCoin or other cryptocurrency, then be sensible to choose a very strong password and never lose your password and the password.

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Wallet hacked?

It is recommended not to store a lot of coins in your online Wallet. Save them on a computer that you do not use online. So also take the plug out to prevent your Wallet (s) from being emptied. It often happens that people suddenly can no longer log in to their Wallet. That is why it is worth considering purchasing an offline Wallet.


Ledger Nano S

For DogeCoin, Ledger Nano S supports Doge’s storage.


The downfall of DogeCoin

This may have caused the temporary demise of DogeCoin. Too bad, because there is a need for a payment method that is less pricey than BitCoin and other more successful coin. If the Doge were worth $ 1, he would be perfect. Doge has still not reached that value in 2017. Other cryptocurrency may be more likely to become a useful means of payment, especially because the creators of Doge do not want Doge to be worth more, and that they have continuously emphasized this. That is why DogeCoin is not interesting for everyone anymore.


Will Doge go far in value?

That chance seems as long as the coin exists, very small, but never say, never. Around May 2017 we see a slight increase in the value of DogeCoin. Maybe more and more people will still like to buy Doge. That increase continues in June for some time.After that, the value goes down a little and fluctuates.


Download Wallet

You can download a Wallet from the founder’s website. Consider configuring for a long time, a few hours or even a few days, depending on the speed of your computer and the internet. The Wallet is known as safe in 2013. In 2017 this still seems to be a relatively safe Wallet, provided you never lose your login and password and are not hacked. You need a Wallet to collect and store DogeCoin. Your Wallet has a code consisting of uppercase, lowercase and numbers.


DogeCoin give away or sell?

If you have DogeCoin and you do not want to do anything with it you can give them away or sell them. You deposit them via your Wallet to another Wallet address if you want to give them away.

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Will DogeCoin disappear?

This is difficult to predict. Among the fans there was the hope that he would stay but the makers insisted that one should not expect that he will ever become valuable. As a result, your attention to Doge will slacken and you will concentrate on a coin that is more likely to increase in value. As a means of payment, he speaks in terms of appearance so the coin probably has a chance to become more valuable. In 2017, transactions will increase again, indicating that people are more interested in the Coin.

How much is Doge worth?

The value is determined on demand / supply and small fluctuations in value are therefore normal. The DogeCoin is not worth much more at the end of 2014 and, unfortunately, continues to decline. This also applies to other cryptocurrency. The BitCoin also fell sharply in value in 2014. DogeCoin suddenly rises again in 2017.

  • On 29-01-2013 1 Doge: US $ 0.0014 is worth
  • On 07-02-2013 1 Doge: US $ 0.00092 is worth
  • On 29-11-2014 1 Doge: US $ 0.000246 is worth
  • On 11-01-2015 1 Doge: US $ 0.000164 is worth
  • On 31-05-2015 1 Doge: US $ 0.000161 is worth
  • On 30-05-2017 1 Doge: US $ 0.002743 is worth

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