33 Cryptocurrency Explained – Knowledge Boost!

33 crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency also termed as Digital or Virtual currency is considered as a form of asset and the currency is designed to work as an exchange medium.

Cryptocurrency explained uses strong cryptography to secure the financial transactions. All these cryptocurrencies work on the blockchain technology which is a decentralized system.

The best feature of the cryptocurrency is its organic nature, where it is not issued by any central authority nor does have any government interference or manipulation with the currency.

Bitcoin is the first blockchain based cryptocurrency and is the popular and most valuable one. The popularity of Bitcoin has given birth to hundreds of alternate cryptocurrenies designed with various specifications and functions.

Some of these cryptocurrencies are clones of Bitcoins and few are forks. With so many cryptocurrencies out in the market, where new ones come out almost daily and old ones disappear seemingly.

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In order to make a place and be considered as successful coin in the crypto market, these cryptocurrencies are ranked based on few criteria or values such as the market cap value, price, circulating supply of cryptocoins and maximum supply of crytocurrencies.

If the crypto coin holds the maximum market cap value along with the maximum and circulating supply then the coin stands first in the race. Bitcoin is one such coin which stands in first place so far and still continues to be in the same place followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

The following infographic is all about description of  the Top 33 Cryptocurrencies in 4 words or less.

33 Cryptocurrency Explained

cryptocurrency explained

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Name            | Sym.  | Description                             


Bitcoin         | BTC   | Digital gold                             

Ethereum        | ETH   | Programmable contracts and money        

Bitcoin Cash    | BCH   | Bitcoin clone                           

Ripple          | XRP   | Enterprise payment settlement network   

Litecoin        | LTC   | Faster Bitcoin                          

Dash            | DASH  | Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone           

NEO             | NEO   | Chinese-market Ethereum                 

NEM             | XEM   | Batteries-included digital assets       

Monero          | XMR   | Private digital cash                    

Ethereum Classic| ETC   | Ethereum clone                          

IOTA            | MIOTA | Internet-of-things payments              

Qtum            | QTUM  | Ethereum contracts on Bitcoin           

OmiseGO         | OMG   | Banking, remittance, and exchange       

Zcash           | ZEC   | Private digital cash                    

Lisk            | LSK   | Decentralized applications in JavaScript

Cardano         | ADA   | Layered currency and contracts          

Tether          | USDT  | Price = 1 USD                           

Stellar Lumens  | XLM   | Digital IOUs                            

EOS             | EOS   | Decentralized applications on WebAssembly

Stratis         | STRAT | Decentralized applications in C#        

Electroneum     | ETN   | Monero clone                            

Bytecoin        | BCN   | Privacy-focused cryptocurrency          

Ardor           | ARDR  | Blockchain for spawning blockchains     

Binance Coin    | BNB   | Pay Binance exchange fees               

Augur           | REP   | Decentralized prediction market         

Decred          | DCR   | Bitcoin with alternative governance      

TenX            | PAY   | Cryptocurrency credit card              

BitShares       | BTS   | Decentralized exchange                  

Golem           | GNT   | Rent other people’s computers           

PIVX            | PIVX  | Inflationary Dash clone                 

TRON            | TRX   | In-app-purchases                        

Vertcoin        | VTC   | Bitcoin clone                           

MonaCoin        | MONA  | Japanese Dogecoin

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