6 Cheap Crypto Currencies for Massive returns


We all know that there are massive opportunities in the Crypto currency. Space we look at the top 6 crypto currencies which will likely give us a good fundamental case to hold for the long term. This is based purely on the fundamentals of the white paper of the Cryptocurrency.


IOTA is designed for IoT (Internet of Things). This crypto coin makes it possible to create microtransactions. These microtransactions must be made between devices that are connected to the Internet and companies / consumers. The network used for this is different from the network Bitcoin runs on.


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At IOTA they have managed to create a protocol, so that transactions can be made quickly, safely and free of charge. This allows your refrigerator to communicate with Heineken in a fast and inexpensive way (when your refrigerator detects a low beer stock). Is there a future here? We think so!
Price at the time of disks in dollars: $4,25


2. Monero

Monero, a crypto-coin built on the blockchain technology, but with a different approach. It is a crypto coin with which payments can actually be made, but it differs from Bitcoin.

Monero is completely anonymous: they do this by applying different technologies. As a result, transactions can not be traced back. Monero is for everyone: you do not need a heavy computer to mine Monero, every consumer computer is suitable. Transactions can also run much faster, which reduces transaction costs.

Monero therefore offers some advantages over Bitcoin. In the long run there will be scarcity of this coin, because it is certain how many coins are finally mined.
Price at the time of disks in dollars:$257,49


3. NEM

NEM (cryptocode is called XEM) is an abbreviation for ‘New Economy Movement’. The developers behind this have developed a unique blockchain with a special feature. Most blockchains use PoW (Proof of Work) to protect the network and prevent manipulation. Miners use powerful computers to solve maths in exchange for cryptocurrency. These sums are becoming increasingly difficult and require a lot of capacity and money.

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NEM uses a different technology, whereby exchange of information about transactions is rewarded. For this you get a piece of the transaction fee. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, valuable people are looked at within the network. These are designated to complete transactions. How valuable someone is depends on various factors, including the amount of XEM that a person has. This method is called PoI (Proof of Importance). By applying this technology, expensive devices are no longer necessary to be able to implement confirmations of transactions.

Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 0.388


4. Waves

Waves has developed its own blockchain with a trading platform on it. Menfiat money can be converted into Waves tokens. These tokens represent a certain value and can be converted into other (crypto) currencies at lightning speed. The big advantage is the user convenience and speed. Moreover, there is another important advantage.

Waves uses fiat gateways, allowing licensed and authorized central parties to convert traditional currencies to Waves tokens. This makes it possible to regulate cryptocurrency, as there is supervision of the cash flows.

Price at the time of disks in dollars:$10,51

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5. Decred

Decred (DCR) is a digital currency with payment systems for Windows, Linux & Mac OSX. This crypto coin exists on the basis of blockchain technology, but differently. Where Bitcoins are mined on the basis of PoW, Decred uses a combination between PoW & PoS. The latter allows DCR owners to lock their balance in order to have a chance to add a new block to the blockchain. For this they receive a small fee.

The advantage of the combination (PoW & PoS) is that both wealthy minors and ordinary consumers can win a small fee. An additional advantage is that as a holder of DCR you have more control (than a miner) about decisions that have to be made within the network. We do not keep it secret to buy Decred!

Price at the time of disks in dollars: $ 61.09

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6. Ethos

If we have to believe Bitcoin guru ‘Suppoman’, this virtual currency will have a bright future. We could not resist leaving this top 10 with this promising coin. Ethos intends to launch the universal crypto wallet. They want to distinguish themselves through a user-friendly wallet, where everyone, without knowledge, can step into the world of cryptocurrency. You can use the wallet to enter certain ‘baskets of cryptocurrency’ at low cost. This allows you to spread risks.

The most progressive is that there is a community behind, which can give certain ratings to cryptocurrency. With the giving – and just predicting – of the price trend of cryptos, money can be earned. Come on with the rollout of this universal wallet!
Price at the time of disks in dollars:$1,24


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