8 of the Best Monero Mining Hardware

GPU 1080 TI Mining

Best Monero Mining Hardware

Monero is based on the Cryptonight algorithm which makes it easy to mine Monero using any cheap mining hardware as well. There’s no ASIC mining hardware for Monero and hence people looking to mine Monero are left with only CPU and GPU mining. The Cryptonight algorithm also makes sure that the performance gap is greatly lowered when compared to other mining algorithms. This also tells us that the gap between the efficiency of CUP mining and GPU mining is also relatively low when compared with mining other cryptocurrencies.

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To get the best possible results from your mining process is to make use of as many cheap hardware for the process. But if you willing to spend some money and looking for quick results, then it is always better to invest in powerful CPUs that provide a better hash rate and power consumption is also reduced to some extent.

monero mining hardware

CPUs to lookout for Monero Mining

If you looking for cpu mining, then the hardware listed below are some of the best in business that could provide positive results with your mining and also provide a better gash rate

GPUs to lookout for Monero Mining

If you looking for gpu mining, then the hardware listed below are some of the best gpu hardware in the market that could lead to favorable results in your mining task. Instead of assembling a huge set of CPU, you could very well invest in the best GPU hardware and mine more coins effectively. When you calculate the costs in investing in a lot of CPUs too, it would almost come close when buying GPU hardware for mining

You really need to lookout on the power consumption and electricity costs that your monero mining would consume and plan accordingly before shelling out money to buy hardware. You also need to estimate how much hash-rate you may require and buy hardware accordingly. To help you with all these things, there are several online calculators available that would also provide with a basic idea of the profitability you could attain from the mining process. Some of the calculators are:

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