The Best Wallets for Bitcoin


It is imperative that every Bitcoin user must look for the best Bitcoin wallet for the security of their crypto funds. This is a long and in depth article about the best Bitcoin wallets in general, and the best Bitcoin wallet combination that you can make to suit your needs.

The recommended Bitcoin wallet combinations that we discuss here, aim to store your bitcoins securely and use them easily, cheaply and quickly as a means of payment anywhere in the world.

This can be done as a beginner with the safe and easy to use of the online Bitcoin wallt of Litebitor SpectroCoin . If you want to use a handy smartphone Bitcoin wallet app with a Bitcoin debit card, you can definitely view the Wirex Bitcoin Wallet (link has 25% off for first card)!

Are you going to invest a lot of money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, invest in the Trezor or the Ledger Nano S and then read more about the operation of the best Bitcoin wallet here.

1. What is a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is a software program for managing the keys. It consists of one private key for signing and sending bitcoins and public keys for receiving bitcoins. I want to start with a warning , the security of the private key in a Bitcoin wallet must be your first priority! The private key gives you full control over the allocated bitcoins as you can send them to a public key of another Bitcoin wallet. Information about the private key is easier to hack or to leak than you would think. This allows you to steal all your Bitcoins without you noticing it.

If the importance of a Bitcoin wallet with private keys and public keys is not yet clear. Below is a good video explanation about the Bitcoin wallet.

There are 2 types of bitcoin wallet, hacker proof and online cold storage. We will go through the best hacker and data leaking proof here now.

That’s why I start with the best hacker & malware & data leaking proof bitcoin wallets currently available: the Trezor , Ledger Nano S and the Digital Bitbox .

The 3 Best Hacker & Malware & Data leaking proof Bitcoin wallets:

1. The French Ledger Wallet Nano S is one of the best and safest and most flexible hardware bitcoin wallets for, among other things, securing long-term Bitcoin savings ( BTC savings account ). Ledger also protects your financial Bitcoin privacy the best and can easily be combined with a regular online Bitgo or smartphone Mycelium wallet . With the Ledger you can handle Bitcoin transactions on a spyware-infected computer or smartphone (Android or IOS) without any problems. The Ledger Nano S also supports other cryptocurrency such as Ripples and Ethers. Below in the video you can see how you can use the Ledger Wallet Nano S for super secure payments:

Recommended: Order the Ledger Wallet Nano S here!

2. A very special and unique hardware wallet is the Ledger Blue . The Ledger Blue is actually a hardware wallet tablet. It also has many high-tech features and supports many different applications, cryptocurrencies and related block chains. This mini computer for secure cryptocurrency management will come with a high price tag (275, – euro). For more information: Ledger Blue .

3. As mentioned earlier, another excellent option is the Trezor Wallet .This is widely supported and enjoys an excellent reputation. The software is often updated and is also provided with support for other cryptocurrencies! For more information: Trezor hardware wallet .

Last warning: if you buy a lot of bitcoins regularly, then you have to buy one of the above Bitcoin hardware wallets. Do not be stubborn now! You can not underestimate the risks. Take it for the uncertain when it comes to the safety and security of your equity. You must always ensure that you have control over the private keys and that they are properly secured. I have had to pay this lesson with tuition fees):

Supporting online Bitcoin wallets:

Complimentary, less secure alternative bitcoin wallets for obtaining extra features and possibilities:

  1. The online Spectrocoin multi-currency wallet is a total solution for managing your assets in bitcoins , but also Dash , Ethers , Xem and fiat currencies such as American Dollars, Euros and Singapore Dollars etc. It has its own exchange and a Visa payment card. You can not only convert bitcoins to a Euro Visa payment card, but also other currencies with which you wish to invest, such as the Swiss Franc. Moreover, at Spectrocoin you can convert your bitcoins to gold! Yes, certainly, Spectrocoin is a bitcoin multi-wallet where anyone can add a gold bill. Spectrocoin also has a mobile app for the smartphone. For more information: Spectrocoin !


  1. 2. The LiteBit Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet. LiteBit is a Dutch Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that includes Bitcoin wallet support and the creation of a Bitcoin portfolio. This allows you to manage all Bitcoin purchases and sales nicely. Of course, you can also add other cryptocurrencies and build a nice portfolio from this wallet. For more information:LiteBit!

lite bit

  1. The Wirex Bitcoin Wallet is also a very secure online bitcoin wallet. This was formerly known as the e-Coin wallet. This wallet is also based on the Bitgo secure wallet technology and is also equipped with a VISA bitcoin debit card . You can use this for cheaply paying with bitcoins in every store that accepts a Visa card in euros ( BTC current – spending account ). Again, the reason why we put this online wallet at number 4 is that the e-Coin does not have an exchange . Nevertheless, the wallet is based on the Bitgo technology. The Bitgo wallet is the most secure online Bitcoin wallet. Wirex simply added extra functionality such as a bitcoin debit card .Especially the Wirex Bitcoin wallet app for the smartphone has become very polar in a short time. For more information: Wirex Bitcoin Wallet .


There you go, these are our best bets to look for when storing your bitcoin on a wallet. You have hacker proof and online cold storage. The obvious point is that defense of your equity is at stake and can not be under estimated.

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