Paxful crypto exchange denies alleged data leak

A spokesman for the trading platform admits that although employee data has been leaked, all user data should be safe.

Paxful crypto exchange denies alleged data leak

An anonymous hacker allegedly tried to sell customer and employee data from the Paxful crypto exchange. A spokesman for the crypto trading platform denies this to Cointelegraph, however, and states that at least all customer data is secure.

“Customer data were not stolen from us in any way,” as the spokesman confirmed on Friday. He adds: “There was no data leak at Paxful.”

And further:

“The employee data that the person in question allegedly stole comes from a service provider with whom Paxful has worked in the past, but we ended this cooperation in September 2020. We have taken steps to ensure that this does not harm our employees and we are continuing to monitor the situation closely as a matter of caution. “

On Friday it was on a Russian Telegram channel a message distributed under the title “Information Leaks”, which states that a data set with the data of registered users and employees of is for sale in an English-language hacker forum.

The writer of the relevant message claims that the names, addresses, and other private information of Paxful customers are in the record. This should be a total of “4.8 million entries”.

Unfortunately, hacks and data leaks are no longer a rarity. Even the social media giant Facebook recently hacked the data of 500,000 users. The major leak from the financial services provider Equifax even had several million customers in 2017 affected. The market-leading wallet service Ledger also fell victim to one last year Data leaks.

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