Bear Mac on blockchain for 2018


Which 3 blockchain projects should we keep an eye on, keep a firm eye on these guys!
 This is our prediction blockchain 2018. These have the potential to add massive returns to anyones Crypto Portfolio!

Prediction Blockchain 2018:

  1. IOTA: Coming out of the data marketplace with an extensive range of large businesses participating, the tangle (the underlying technology of IOTA) becomes increasingly scalable and safer. The ultimate use of IOTA, the simple and inexpensive exchange of data between IoT devices, seems very feasible and many companies are looking forward to it. We may even see the first user applications already in late 2018! A person can hope. We have to deal with one arm: everything still has to work as advertised so far, but at the moment it seems to be one of the largest projects in the short to medium term!

IOTA blockchain

  1. Bitcoin: Of course, it is the largest and the whole market is following the Bitcoin course for now! You can not act seriously in cryptocurrency and pretend Bitcoin is not there. There are still the same problems for Bitcoin to tackle: transaction costs, scalability and arguments surrounding centralization of mining and developers that the community is struggling with. If the community around Bitcoin is not able to solve these problems, it is very questionable whether the mother of all cryptos can keep their market share. If that is not the case, the next question naturally arises: if Bitcoin falls away, which crypto will become market leader? Competitors enough in any case. We will also hear a lot about this in 2018.

bitcoin blockchain

  1. Stratis: We are going to keep a close eye on it. Stratis proof of stake-mining allows by means of “Tumblebit” technology by stopping STRAT the miners also small amounts of Bitcoin mines. The same technology also allows users to make Bitcoin transactions entirely private, so that they can no longer be traced. Add to that the ICO platform to be launched in Q1 2018 in addition to the services offered by the underlying company (consultancy, education) and there seems to be a lot more possible for Stratis. The counter question here is not whether it will work at all like IOTA, but whether the marketing is good enough for Stratis to attract sufficient users and minors. For Stratis too, 2018 will be at least a year of truth.


Bonus: There was no room for it, but would like to mention it: in the course of 2018, eyes may certainly also fall on Ethereum to see how a project of 70-100 billion dollars in value will quietly work hard to go over on proof of stake. It is interesting in any case.

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