Ripple XRP Coin Buy Or Better Stay Away?

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The ripple price is currently at $ 3.37 and has risen above 1200% in the last 30 days. XRP coins are now the second largest cryptocurrency worldwide. Some claim that the sleeping giant is awakening now – and that’s only the beginning. Others think that the coin is pure fraud. 

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Ripple Price – Chart of the XRP cryptocurrency

The current price of the Ripple Cryptocurrency was $ 2.44 per coin at the time of the article’s first release. The total market capitalization of the Ripple Coin XRP was $ 94,348,269,330 ($ 94.3 billion in words). In total there will be a maximum of 100,000,000,000 XRP.

Ripple Course Live & News

Below you will find current live share data of the Ripple XRP Crypto currency , the trade value per coin, the total market capitalization as well as the trading volume in the last 24 hours on all Coinmarketcap covered crypto exchanges. The B stands for engl. billion and means billions.

Ripple Chart – XRP Price History

The ripple chart shows that the ripple price was just $ 0.268 3 weeks ago. The former market cap was $ 10 billion, today we are 11 times. Since then, the share price has risen rapidly in 3 tranches, and anyone who bought ripple before Christmas can hardly believe their luck at the moment.


ripple market cap

Ripple Forecast 2018 – Buy XRP

Forecast for the Ripple Coin

As usual in the crypto world, a forecast on the price of the coin is actually not possible. You have to have the ability to look into a glass ball. But a renewed breakout to 4 or even 5 dollars in January is just as predictable as a longer sideways movement or further profit taking. In this article we analyze the overall situation of the currency ripple in the crypto market. From this we then form a course forecast. Currently, a decision is better than no decision.

Buy Ripple – Which exchanges are eligible?

Ripple can be purchased on the relevant Crypto exchanges such as Bitstamp, Kraken or Bitfinex and soon to be Coinbase. If you would like to have more information about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual marketplaces, please write us a comment.

For those who have no time to lose, I recommend the our advised platform  . Here you can buy Bitcoins as well as Ethereum and Ripple. The whole thing is then even real coins, in which one participates without levers to the price increases and losses 1: 1.

Are XRP the right crypto-currency for you?

You’re probably not in the crypto scene to save the whales, but to make money. That’s why it’s extremely important to leave emotions out of the market if you want to earn money in the long term.

We would also be one of the main reasons why so many people have not bought a single XRP for years or buy ripple now.

Ripple does not fulfill the vision of cryptocurrencies:

independence from third parties

Payments are neither anonymous (although anonymous cryptocurrencies are not really anonymous at present) and most of the coins are owned by banks . So they can massively manipulate or influence the price .

Additionally, since 2014, there is a possibility that XRP accounts can be frozen if banks want it. In addition, they plan that each user who wants to use the XRP block chain must complete a verification.

The purpose of Blockchain technology

Yes, these are many drawbacks, and so ripple does not match the original sense of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. I understand that one says at this point that the Coin should therefore have no long-term chances. Only emotions would come into play, but my understanding will not hurt you, because:

  • I am not a therapist
  • Your money does not multiply

I have too long influenced by my emotions in the purchase decision , because I did not want to accept a significant factor.

Banks have a lot of power

Banks are companies that love profit. So it would be naïve to say that banks with the ripple create a parallel system for, among other things, the payment traffic, which represents a threat to the current banking system, without being able to profit from or be involved.

Ripple’s position on the cryptocurrency vision

Of course, the drawbacks of the Ripples destroy the illusions of visionaries and early birds in the cryptocurrencies, but money talks .

I meanwhile own the coin and will buy at a good entry point more XRP.

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