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Stratis Coin is in fact a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. The stratis cryptocurrency has been set up to give business, and in particular the financial sector, easy access to blockchain technology. Stratis offers companies the opportunity to set up their own blockchain on the Stratis platform, a so-called side-chain of the stratis coin. The Stratis platform is set up in such a way that it is much easier than the companies to have to assemble a blockchain from the very beginning.

stratis coin

Stratis lowers the threshold to blockchain technology

It is clear that blockchain technology and bitcoin is busy conquering the world. The only problem is that most blockchains are written in the languages ​​C ++ or Java, while not many programmers know these languages. Most of the programmers worldwide work with C # that is connected to the large Microsoft .NET Framework.

How does Stratis Work?

Stratis is clever in this because their blockchain is built on the C # -Stratis-Bitcoin-Full-node platform. This is again built on top of the NBitcoin library. This is a (nearly complete) port of Bitcoin Core. Making it essentially a stratis bitcoin hybrid. Nicolas Dorier (one of the Core developers of Bitcoin) has written this platform entirely in C # and .NET. Thanks to Stratis, a huge new group of programmers gain access to blockchain technology in a very accessible way. Because companies already employ many of these programmers internally, it is therefore a small step for them to discover and test private STRAT blockchains.

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Commercial Viability?

If a company chooses to use the Stratis platform, it will create a private sidechain of the main blockchain of Stratis Coin (STRAT). This means that this sidechain enjoys the full protection of the Stratis blockchain. In addition, as a company you also receive advice and assistance from the Stratis team in developing a blockchain strategy. Moreover, the crypto company has created the ‘Stratis Academy’ to make it even easier for programmers to program on their blockchain.

What is the STRAT token/STRAT Coin?

For many investors it is of course important to know what exactly the function of the STRAT token is (ie the Statis Cryptocurrency). The token (based on Proof of Stake) was primarily used to raise capital for Stratis, a share in the company. However, the Stratis Coin also has other functions. The private chains need STRAT Coins to be connected to the main chain. The tokens will also be used to pay transaction fees to miners. In addition, the STRAT tokens are used to secure the Stratis blockchain. In the future there are even plans to use the tokens as Ether for Ethereum is used. If the Stratis platform is widely used by companies, the STRAT token will therefore be very popular and its value can increase enormously. The STRAT Coin is in any case one of the currencies that may have experienced the greatest appreciation in the past year (14000% (!)).

Where to now for Stratis Cryptocurrency?

The Stratis blockchain platform offers a unique cryptocurrency and platform for business application.  We are holding at these levels and we suggest you do to.

Wondering how you can buy STRAT? Here are the steps for you:

1. Create an account at
2. At the top right, press Funds → Deposits Withdrawals
3. Press Deposit at BTC
4. Generate your own address and copy it
5. Go to
6. Buy the number of BTC you want and paste the copied address
7. Go Binance to Exchange and click on the coin / token you want to buy
8. Buy the desired amount of STRAT.

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